Trish Gober captures the beauty and majesty of the landscape through observation, an impressionistic style,artistic skill and her emotional connection to her subjects. The South East with its intense color, is her main subject focus. She paints with an impressionistic style but captures the realism and color in the earth. She loves the outdoors, hiking, plein air painting and gardening. the artist paints plein air and in her studio, which has large open windows and is located in a rustic setting near the Alabama River. Trish has been chosen to show in competitions, is a member of the Montgomery Art Guild, the Museum of Fine Art, Alabama Plein Art Artist, the Art Guild of Louisiana and other art guilds and art focused organizations. She has studied at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops in Greenville NY, Sarah Towery Alabama Art Colony, Tallapoosa School of Art, Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, Studio 1765 and continues to attend other local workshops.

“Art from the Heart”

Art is exciting and it captures our journeys, adventures and connects us with nature and beauty.  Art brings beauty into our lives and connects us, helps us feel safe, less separated and more integrated with the universe.  Art connects us to a power greater than ourselves.

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